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Product Category
ring type · T shape · live knotted head · hexagon · cheese head · square ·
round head · bending shape
· hexagon
tapping screws
bending shape
wood screws
hexagon · ring type
cheese head
ring type
cheese head · hexagon · ring type · flat head · · cone · bending shape · T shape · square
Standard Category
DIN 3870-2001
DIN 431-2013
DIN 5586-1989
DIN 71803-1988
DIN 74233(-1)-1991
DIN 74233(-1)-1991
DIN 74305-2-1994
DIN 7604-2016
DIN 80705-1990
DIN 906-1983
DIN 906-1992
DIN 906-2012
DIN 908
DIN 908-1983
DIN 908-2012
DIN 909-1991
DIN 909-1992
DIN 909-2012
DIN 910-1992
DIN 910-2012
ISO 8434-1(BHE)-2018
ISO 8434-1(K)-2018
ISO 8434-1(N)-2018
ISO 8434-1(T)-2018
Q 614
Q 617B
Q 618B
Q 619
TB /T 845-1991

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Contact:Hu Zhijian
Telephone: +86-574-87777555
Mobile Phone: +86-13906683360
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 About Us

Advanced Components Engineering Inc.-ACEI was established for production of non-standard fasteners and CNC machinery process parts, our goal is to be your nonstandard expert who offers a package service of nonstandard parts for you in long term professionally.

Specialized in nonstandard parts CNC machinery processed from roughcasts cold formed or hot forged, we are the leading manufacturer of screw plugs for industries of pipeline, heat exchanger, hydraulic & pneumatic system, machinery and vehicle etc., including standard plugs under DIN906, DIN908, DIN909, D910, DIN5586 and DIN7604, shoulder plugs for heat exchangers made from ASTM SA105, A350 LF2 and A479, also all kinds of nonstandard plugs according to customers’ drawings. Besides, ball bolts, hanger bolts, eye bolts, pins & shafts, gear wheels & gear shafts, and inserts & couplings etc. are our strong

Products with reliable quality at competitive cost, been concentrating on developing and production on those products consistently, we are the most advantaged and optimized supplier of those products who won favorable comment from oversea and domestic buyer, not only on quality and cost, but also on the wide and varied products range.

We mainly offer our customers professional service of processes on cold forming, hot forging, CNC machinery turning and threading, especially custom-made nonstandard metal products with above processes by mature and optimized output efficiency and strict quality controlling system. No matter it is steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminum, we only use right materials strictly according standard from reliable sources at best prices, also we are very experienced in subsequent processes such as heat treatment and surface treatment.

Benefited from the professional team with passion, we feed back to our customers’ enquiries normally in 24 hours quotations with sufficient information of complete terms, counter drawings, moulds and sample making plan, QC plan, etc. The team gets update very day of the rate of main currencies, main metal prices local market, Shanghai metal exchange and LME, knowing very detailed and familiar on those metal processes, your enquiry is evaluated fast, precisely and competitively by our team, to a certain process, we know fairly well about  all cost factors such as current local labor force cost, right machinery type, shift output, mould and fixture cost, material wastage, latest recycled material price, etc. therefore, we are possible to save every possible cent for the customer.

We contribute to create value for our customers, understand and care their concerns and benefit, we feel proud and honored to satisfy our customers’ demands, no matter large or small quantity, easy or difficult. We expect to be your nonstandard parts expert!